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How to save electricity at home in India

Posted on 14-04-2020

Wiiz Led Lights


The households generally use conventional filament type bulbs and tube lights. They are available from a minimum of 10 Watts (W), 40W, 60W, and 100W. A 10W bulb will take 100-hours to run one unit. In the same way, if you use a 100W bulb, it will make 1-unit current consumption by 10-hours. However, you must know the lasted LED bulbs are energy conversant lights. They are available from 3W to 100W for home use. A 60W LED light will be equal to your filament bulb of 100W. Therefore, you save 40W a day. It is advisable to consult with a lighting expert and buy the new arrival in home LED lighting solutions.

Home LED Lights for Conventional Bulb Holders

You may have a doubt that the new LED light will fit my existing bulb holders. This is because you might have seen the bright and glowing LEDs in commercial places like the restaurants and shopping malls. They will be along with the false ceiling, and you cannot see the full light like how you can see in a filament bulb. The modern LED bulbs are available for homes, which you can fix on your conventional bulb holder. You can smartly replace your filament bulb to the latest home LED lights. You will save 50% of your energy consumption by the use of lights.

Domestic LED Lightings for New Home

When you buy a modern home or a high-end home, they will be energy conversant homes. It will definitely have LED lights only for indoors and outdoors. Yet the others buying a new home must fix LED lights as a power saver. This can be an unfurnished flat, apartment and villa. It is easy to consult Lighting experts and find a solution.

  • They will check your room and space first.
  • They will suggest the right wattage of the LED bulbs a room will need.
  • They do check your outdoors and suggest the right wattage of the LED outdoor bulbs.

In this way, you can light your home with brighter, glowing and low heat bulbs. If your conventional bulbs consume Rs.300/- a month, the LED lights will consume Rs.100/- only. The domestic LED lights are available in various designs. You can select them before you make a false ceiling. The LED lights look much better with the false ceiling.

  • The LED lights come with a warranty.
  • The warranty covers for the internal electronic circuit also.
  • Each Wattage of LED bulbs comes with a lifespan.

It is advisable to buy those home LED lights, which have a longer duration of a lifespan. You can check this on the cover of all types of LED lights.

Every household can shift to LED lighting solution with affordable cost. When you buy online, you will get some discounts and free home delivery. You can also buy directly from the LED light manufacturers online. This is the smart way to save on your electricity bill. They are durable and long last more than their given wattage hours.


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