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3 Ways LED Lighting Can Keep You Healthy

Posted on 20-01-2019

Wiiz Led Lights


For long, the effect of natural and artificial light on human health has been the subject of study by psychologists and physiologists. It is well-known now that LED lighting sends out light at particular wavelengths that directly benefit users’ overall health and circadian rhythm.

Not only are they more naturally more controllable than other light types but there are at least three ways in which users of LED lighting are directly benefitted, health wise from using these lights.

Here they are for you:

1. LEDs stimulate a regular circadian rhythm

LED technology is so designed to ape the stimulus that natural sunlight provides, thereby resulting in encouraging regular and healthy circadian rhythm. For situations where natural sunlight is absent or insufficient, one can expose oneself to the blue wavelengths of LED light for some part of the day to avail of these health benefits.

By moving to warm lighting as in this case can help one sleep normally.

2. LEDs can help reduce headaches

Light sensitivity is a common reason for migraine and other types of headaches developing. Die-hard migraine patients are often affected by the flickering of fluorescent bulbs and insufficient task lighting that causes eye strain and headache.

With the advent of LED lighting and its technology, it has been found that those who are prone to headaches have benefitted greatly. When LEDs are paired with lighting controls, headache sufferers are benefitted by the customization of individual light levels that bring them comfort and help them face light sensitivity squarely. Though this might be a universal benefit, headache and migraine sufferers gain from it immensely.

3. LEDs stimulates overall wellness and leads to better academic performance

When bulbs flicker or are unusually bright, it has a general ill-effect on a student’s health. But a student’s health can be taken into account by installing quality lighting and fixtures with colour temperatures, etc.

This is possible with LED technology as, apart from its other advantages, it also produces minimal heat and normalizes facility temperature. It also reduces lighting fixture count and the need for overhead lighting. By installing LEDs in a classroom environment, students’ productivity and performance are significantly improved and they become more confident of themselves.


With advanced LED lighting technology, the disadvantages of incandescent lighting can be put to rest and we can enjoy better overall health. When this translates into better academic grades and performance, it builds a generation of fit citizens.



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